Research attempts to create new items or understandings.

Sometimes this involves bridging fields or finding a new application.

Results can be in the form of proofs, counterexamples, tables, graphs, or figures.

Some problems cannot be solved (yet?). For instance the 3n + 1 item. For a brief discussion click on numerical.

A valid reearch activity is reading. Reading can lead to revising. Starting points could be the web or some source collections as math-reading or one found from history topics.

An irreverant description of research could be fooling aroound. Translated that can mean anything from paper and pencil notes to creating a system of software programs.

Working toward a comprehensive solution to a real need is less casual in stating what computer research hopes to create.

The next section gives some examples.
Applied Research

Each of the topics below utilizes the key ideas presented in published papers I've authored. Here are three of those publications.

"Patterns and Search Statistics," Optimizing Methods in Statistics, Rustagi, J. ed.
"Approximate Pseudo-inverse Solutions to Ill-Conditioned Linear Systems," J. of Optimization Theory and Applications
"A Pattern Measure," Environment and Planning
  1. Economic Issues
  2. In "Vector-Valued Performance Criteria" the problem of portfolio selection was touched on. The question of allocating resources to a set of financial instruments for best future return involves stochastic change as well. Software allowing a decision-maker to adjust as new instruments become available and old ones change (as through mergers) is needed.
  3. Image Procedures
  4. Fine partitioning of image records that allows for increased detail in topologically important regions is needed. Instead of quaternary trees, processes that involve multiple levels and overlaps are needed. There are many medical imaging areas where user control modules would be helpful.
  5. Graphic Communication
  6. Commercial applications range from smart phone images of potential items for purchase to entertainment vehicles. Software that defines a range of possible attributes allowing user/purchaser/viewer decisions about color, motion, size changes and other factors of interest in animation, fashion and commerce would be potential major revenue sources.

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