Be Venturesome

Although it is natural to describe a project that you know can be done, some of the course should be directed to inquiry. Whether that is in book reading or in web search, the hope is that you'll come up with something on a problem noone has yet solved. You can put some of that in as part of what your project can accomplish.

In issues like the year 2000 and computer security there are real needs. There are simple but necessary items that customers can't do on their own. For example, posting the filtering programs to the CS 190 site so email and other files can rapidly be converted to readable html. Other things are needed - one student who wrote such a program mentioned the pipe that would run its output through vi - to make those pieces of code into parts of a project. Likewise, there's a big bundle of money available for anyone who addresses realistic Y2K or computer-security issues. One is discussed below.

A Reuters News Item

Friday April 18 11:58 AM EDT

Many Firms Not Checking Computer Security--Survey

ATLANTA - Nearly 40 percent of risk managers surveyed by Price Waterhouse said their company performs comprehensive computer checks only occasionally or not at all.

About 18 percent of the risk managers, surveyed at the Risk and Insurance Management Society conference here, said their companies perform such computer security checks annually and another 31 percent said their companies check computer security twice a year or more.

In response to a separate question, about 20 percent of the respondents said their company had been a victim of white collar crime, the theft of funds or resources of $100,000 or more, over the past year.

Close to 60 percent of the risk managers said the preparation of claims using in-house staff had either an extremely disruptive or somewhat disruptive impact on normal job duties.

More than 60 percent of the respondents said they would consider retaining law firms for the preparation of an insurance claim.

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