Stand Up

4/7/1999 Version

Speaking is an absolute must: it is the first step in gaining credit for your work, ideas, or possible future contributions. That translates into income. Raises, promotions, and leadership roles may go to someone because of outstanding written work, but unfortunately someone who produces and doesn't speak risks seeing the credit go to others.

Speaking Modes. In small group or to: work partner; supervisor (re job done); possible employer; professional audience.

Fear. Everyone has to deal with it. Even experienced actors get stage fright. (Christian speaks, lion cowers.)

Preparation. Writing a talk you will say. Making an outline. Drawing a visual. Ways to deal with anxiety one knows will occur.

Practice. Having done it before, even to a mirror, makes it easier. (How can I get to Carnegie Hall?)

Resolve, Plan. Decide in advance what you will do. Then do it.

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to success is more important than any other one thing. -Abraham Lincoln

(Seen: Stand Up; Heard: Speak Up; Appreciated: Shut Up.)