Describe Your Activity; Estimate Those of Fellow Course-Participants.

Complete this form in full to have an option to write less about your group. Hand this in at the penultimate regular class meeting (Tuesday 6/9): you must answer question T. Today, June 4, 1999 is the second meeting of CS 190 in the ninth week of Spring Quarter: tenth week meetings will take place on the 9th and 11th. The finals week meeting is on the 18th.

Class Talks by Person: A: Design Project*, B: Technical Activity@,C: General Topic&.

*Meaning specific things done or decisions between alternative implementations.

@Meaning talk contributed to your understanding of an aspect of computer systems.

&Any talk not on an aspect of project work or computer systems.

Own Presentations

Your Name or Friendly Identifier ___________________________________________

T. List all your talk dates, topics (approximate title), and A., B., C. category:



Number of Class Talks You Heard by Person and Category.

Dao Anh Khoa A: B: C:

Duong Ngoc A: B: C:

Francisco Marianne A: B: C:

Gantan Ephraim A: B: C:

Le Duc A: B: C:

Lei Kachon A: B: C:

Martikan Gugo A: B: C:

Nguyen Dang A: B: C:

Nunez Oscar A: B: C:

Rubi Jason A: B: C:

Tong Annie A: B: C:

Waters Brent A: B: C: