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Monday, April 12, 1999

SPECIAL REPORT: The Tech Coast 10
Our Picks for the People and Companies to Watch as They Seal Southern California's Place on the High-Tech Map
By KAREN KAPLAN, Times Staff Writer



What,s New?
Southern California is emerging as one of the nation's premier high-tech hubs, and it isn't happening by accident.
     A combination of intrepid entrepreneurs, creative scientific researchers, aggressive investors, supportive company executives, tireless economic development officials and others has helped the region grow. Together, they have raised the Tech Coast's profile both at home and around the country.
     But those at the forefront know their work has just begun. As technology plays an increasingly important role in the economy and society, they will be doing their best to ensure that Southern California fulfills its potential as a high-tech leader.
     Ten people and companies are particularly well-situated to achieve that goal. They are among the most influential forces on the Tech Coast, and The Cutting Edge has selected them as the ones to watch in the coming year.
* * *

     The Ones to Watch

     Caltech President: DAVID BALTIMORE
     DEBRA BOWEN of the California Senate
     Zone Ventures founder:TIM DRAPER
     EARTHLINK NETWORK([Company Capsule])
     JON GOODMAN of EC2, the Annenberg Incubator Project at USC
     BILL GROSS of Idealab
     MiniMed([Company Capsule]) Chairman and Chief Executive:ALFRED E. MANN ROHIT SHUKLA of Los Angeles Regional Technology Alliance
     JAKE WEINBAUM: chairman of Disney's Buena Vista Internet Group

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