The Trials of Juno and Pokey

The Trials of Juno and Pokey

These strips chronicle the trials of two men condemned to a life of torture. In order to escape the wrath of the torch or the crack of the whip, these two must pass several tests of wit and intelligence. One wrong answer, and torture awaits...

Halve Eleven (R)

Halve Eleven (B)

Add Fractions

Apples Baskets

Gavin Wu created the above title and text, and drew four cartoons reachable from the above links. He also created an image (link below) showing the essence of how knots work - exponential power. (They use wrapping friction, the multiplication of force on one side of a rope by e - 2.71828 ... - raised to the angle of wrap in radians.)

Exponential Power

Varieties of Addition

The work was an individual directed study course CS 199 directed by A. Klinger, source for the mathematical ideas and suggestions about the visuals. Further material about working with fractions appears at the last link above.

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