<H2><B>Visual Projects</B></H2>

Photography, art, and web design have become new ways to use digital systems in creation, display and communication about visuals. Conferencing about transmitted images became an economic force in Summer 1999 with the success of the web-publicized movie "The Blair Witch Project". Video games and gambling situations lead to projects in this group.

Board Games

Laskers is an extraordinarily interesting checker-based game. A project begins with implementing the game on a computer. It includes creating a good-quality graphic user interface, audio feedback, and strategic measures of board states. Comparison to Power Chess is one possibility. General information about game products could be obtained from the company that sells that product, Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Kriegspiel is an even more complex and challenging three-person chess-based game. Accelerating an Internet Version using a recent Software Invention is the main concern of this project.

Quantified Design

Quantitative measures of visual designs are described in Complexity and Measure. Student research and Tools could support a project in this area.
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