Abstract This paper describes developing new computer-based educational systems involving visual materials. Examples included could be used to support teaching basic mathematics to elementary school students. Creating New Educational Visual-Mathematical Materials For the World Wide Web by Gavin Wu, Dorene Lau, and Allen Klinger Introduction This paper concerns development of visually-stimulating computer graphic or animation files and their use in schools. It reports on specific mathematical topics from the elementary and high school curriculum. Dissemination of the items produced by two of us has been achieved by posting them on the world wide web. We believe that this method can be used in schools to gain the attention of students, and to support teachers seeking to convey mathematical fundamentals. The package produced was designed to appeal to young people, but moreover to involve pointers to other mathematical teaching techniques, web sites, biographical materials, and generally to be the starting point of an exploratory learning process. That process is something that can be coordinated with learning assessment methodologies discussed by one of us elsewhere.