Building the Project

This week extend the prior tasks:

Prepare a Project Description item to hand in at the fifth (14 April) class meeting. You were given a large number of such items in the initial handout (Start in the web site). Your item can be your own view of the project you plan to work on, something derived from your reading or interaction with contact people, etc.

The idea is to get practice in describing in a few sentences under a title-caption, what is to be accomplished. Please include your name and the word Course if the item is being done as part of your CS 190 team.

Write a technically-oriented paragraph designed to convince a person new to the CS 190 course to join you

in doing a project. State one or two things that could be done (and won't be, under your current team's

ideas of the scope of the work) to support your long term goal.

Do the basics.

Develop your common Project Description.

Agree upon Specifications.

Define your work objectives and responsibilities.

Write your individual Work Statement.

Confer and exchange drafts.

Manage the process.

Delimit and assign responsibilities within your team.

Create joint goals, benchmarks, milestones, and deadlines.

Develop mutual work items such as flowcharts, surveys, figures, tables, graphs.

Decide on a report preparation process: writing outlines/sections; reviewing; rewriting.

Use class talks as a work-incentive; compose for presentation, use in project.