Number Word Problems
Allen Klinger, © 12/17/2002

Rate times time equal distance, division of space or goods, and other issues, many involving commerce, express things about numeric amounts. That involves using language, or more specifically, words, to express quantity. Written records - use and preservation of language through a writing system - are at the heart of this issue. They contrast with other means to record quantity such as the knots on strings method of the Inca. Even the fundamental nature of a culture is part of this subject.

Three Word Problems
  1. "What's smaller than an flea's mouth?" [1]
  2. "Natural Childbirth": "Two siblings are born naturally on the same date, in the same year, to the same mother and the same father. However, they are not twins-neither fraternal nor identical. Is this possible or impossible?" [2]
  3. "Consider the letters from A through M. If all possible 13-letter permutations (no repeated letters) of these letters are arranged in alphabetical order, what is the 1,234,567,890th permutation in the list? -adapted from Mathematics Teacher [3] Solution

There's difficulty in a simple question and even a basic arithmetic operation.
Key Questions

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