Work Procedures

This section lists the elements students are exposed to and usually use in creating a project. Each list below begins with one italicized and hence essential term.

Titles, Telegraphic Writing, Descriptive Project Title, Goals, Task Description, Requirements Statement, Specifications.

Project Statement, Work Statement, Progress Reports.

Tables, Figures, Graphs, Appendices, Flow Charts, Schematic Diagrams.

Technical Talks, Project Presentations, Recruiting Partners, Design Reviews, Working Updates, Explanations of Choices, Sales Pitches.

Organizing, Recording Items in a Dated Signed Notebook, Protecting Intellectual Property.

Bibliography, Reference Lists, Citing World Wide Web Items, Computer-Based and Hardcopy Information Sources, Journals, Magazines, National Newspapers.

Deliverables, Project Planning, Milestones, Pert Charts.

Facing-Page Exposition, Proposals, Budgets, and Business Plans.