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SGEITL: Scene Graph Enhanced Image-Text Learning for Visual Commonsense Reasoning

Zhecan Wang, Haoxuan You, Liunian Harold Li, Alireza Zareian, Suji Park, Yiqing Liang, Kai-Wei Chang, and Shih-Fu Chang, in AAAI, 2022.

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Answering complex questions about images is an ambitious goal for machine intelligence, which requires a joint understanding of images, text, and commonsense knowledge, as well as a strong reasoning ability. Recently, multimodal Transformers have made a great progress in the task of Visual Commonsense Reasoning (VCR), by jointly understanding visual objects and text tokens through layers of cross-modality attention. However, these approaches do not utilize the rich structure of the scene and the interactions between objects which are essential in answering complex commonsense questions. We propose a Scene Graph Enhanced Image-Text Learning (\bf SGEITL) framework to incorporate visual scene graph in commonsense reasoning. In order to exploit the scene graph structure, at the model structure level, we propose a multihop graph transformer for regularizing attention interaction among hops. As for pre-training, a scene-graph-aware pre-training method is proposed to leverage structure knowledge extracted in visual scene graph. Moreover, we introduce a method to train and generate domain relevant visual scene graph using textual annotations in a weakly-supervised manner. Extensive experiments on VCR and other tasks show significant performance boost compared with the state-of-the-art methods, and prove the efficacy of each proposed component.

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