Not-so-recent News


  • 04.2018, Congrats Wasi Ahmad on his SIGIR paper and Muhao Chen on his IJCAI paper
  • 04.2018, Congrats Jieyu Zhao on winning the best poster award at SoCal NLP Symposium 2018.
  • 04.2018, Check out our new NAACL paper on Gender Bias in Coreference Resolution.
  • 04.2018, Check out our new NAACL paper on LearningWord Embeddings for Low-resource Languages by PU Learning.
  • 01.2018, We will give a tutorial on Quantifying and Reducing Gender Stereotypes in Word Embeddings at FAT 18.
  • 01.2018, Check out our paper accepted by ICLR 2018.
  • 12.2017, The slides of my tutotiral at TAAI 17' can be found here
  • 08.2017, Our paper on reducing gender bias won the best long paper award at EMNLP 17.
  • 07.2017, Our paper on multi-sense embedding won the best paper award at Rep4NLP workshop at ACL 17.
  • 05.2017, I will be joining the UCLA-CS this Fall. I've enjoyed every moment at UVa, where the department and my collaborators gave me enormous support to start my career. I'm excited about the next adventure and looking forward to collaborating with excellent folks in SoCal.