About Me

UPDATE: I have joined Facebook as a Research Scientist.

I got my PhD in Computer Science from UCLA, advised by Professor Todd Millstein. I am interested in Programming Languages and Systems in general. Specifically, I work on concurrency and performance and reliability of applications. Here is VBD-HotSpot I built that provides Sequential Consistency (SC) for Java Bytecodes on x86 by default, and an optimized version of it for ARM can be found here.

Outside of school, I have also contributed to Nanoscope and Hermes JavaScript VM.

Before joining UCLA, I was a undergraduate student at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, working with Professor Haibo Chen. My old personal website is here.


A Volatile-by-Default JVM for Server Applications (OOPSLA 2017)
Lun Liu, Todd Millstein, Madanlal Musuvathi

Profiling Android Applications with Nanoscope (VMIL 2018)
Lun Liu, Leland Takamine, Adam Welc

Accelerating sequential consistency for Java with speculative compilation (PLDI 2019)
Lun Liu, Todd Millstein, Madanlal Musuvathi