Research Interest

Digital Health, Data Science with emphasis on health and wellness, Embedded, Sensor-based, and Wearable Systems


Research Projects (<- click for specific project)

  • The fundamental structure of Digital Health (or, mobile health) leads to its unprecedented impact on care. Breakthroughs in disease diagnostics that were previously impossible are now feasible with continuously vigilant wearable sensing that detect any event or condition at anytime in an individual’s life. For the first time, the outcomes of treatment can now be tracked and verified in the field after a subject leaves with a prescribed clinical care. Treatment is now profoundly advanced with assurance of subject compliance with a prescribed regimen.   The new strategy will have a profound effect on healthcare, quality of life, medical research and education, the cost of care, and patient-oriented outcomes.


Professional Activities (samples)

  • Co-founder, MediSens Wireless.
  • Co-founder, Wanda Health, acquired 2019.
  • Co-founder, Bruin Biometric: Received FDA clearance (2019) and selected in Time Magazine list of best inventions 2020.
  • Co-founder, Hierarchical Design, Inc., 2001. Was acquired by Xilinx in 2004.
  • Founding technical architect, Monterey Design Systems, Was acquired by Synopsys in 2004.
  • Co-founder of the 1. UCLA Wireless health Institure and 2. Center for SMART Health 


Student Awards

Students in our group have received many research awards throughout the years including three times Edward K. Rice Outstanding Doctoral Student award  ( given annually toONE PhD student in the entire engineering school at UCLA) .