Research Interest

mHealth, Medical Data Analytics, Embedded System,

Sports Analytics.


Research Projects (<- click for details)

  • The fundamental structure of mHealth leads to its unprecedented impact on care. Breakthroughs in disease diagnostics that were previously impossible are now feasible with continuously vigilant wearable sensing that detect any event or condition at anytime in an individual’s life. For the first time, the outcomes of treatment can now be tracked and verified in the field after a subject leaves with a prescribed clinical care. Treatment is now profoundly advanced with mHealth assurance of subject compliance with a prescribed regimen.  Sensor systems are no longer limited to a few devices or usage only in the clinic.  The flexibility, adaptability, and mobility of wireless networking places sensing anywhere it is needed.  Finally, mHealth expands to any large population fueled by the cost efficiency of computing and massive storage. The current time is historic in that in the future, the outcomes of treatment, the decisions regarding healthcare pathways, the effectiveness and accuracy of clinical trials will all be affected by this new capability. We believe our strategy will have a profound effect on healthcare, quality of life, medical research and education, the cost of care, and patient-oriented outcomes.

  • Co-PI in a UCLA-led consortium of five University of California medical schools, plus Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, has received a substantial grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to research the use of wireless and telephone care management to reduce hospital readmissions for (about) 1500 heart failure patients. 
  • The HSSEAS website ( has highlighted the recent award of a large grant from NIH entitled Center for Biomedical Real-Time Health Evaluation for Pediatric Asthma (BREATHE). The Center's goal is to become a leader in the development of mobile health technologies that will improve clinical management of pediatric conditions. Co-Director Majid Sarrafzadeh, along with PI Alex Bui of radiological sciences and Co-Director Frank Gilliland of USC Keck School of Medicine, will guide this research..


Professional Activities (samples)

  • Co-founder, MediSens Wireless.
  • Co-founder, Wanda Health.
  • Co-funder, Bruin Biometric.
  • Co-founder, Hierarchical Design, Inc., 2001. Was acquired by Xilinx in 2004.
  • Main architect, Monterey Design Systems, Was acquired by Synopsys in 2004.
  • Co-founder of the UCLA Wireless health Institure, Center for SMART Health and Wireless Health Conference, 2010.


Student Awards

Edward K. Rice Outstanding Doctoral Student award is given annually to only ONE PhD student in the entire engineering school at UCLA.  In the past few years my students have received this award:

·         Foad Dabiri, 2008   ·         Mahsan Rofouie, 2012    ·         Navid Amini, 2013    

·         Haik Kalantarian, 2016

Nabil Alshurafa received the best PhD award from Computer Science (2015)

Haik Kalantarian received the best PhD research award  (2016)

Songhoon (Ivan) Lee received the best PhD research award  (2014)

Navid Amini received the best PhD research award (2013)

Mahsan Rafouie received the best PhD research award (2012)

Hyduke Noshadi received the best PhD research award (2010).