Moustafa F. Alzantot

I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science Department at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). I am working with Prof. Mani Srivsatava as a member of the Networked and Embedded Systems Laboratory (NESL). I am also a team member of the DAIS-ITA project, and I was a research intern at Qualcomm Research (2015), and software engineering intern at Google (2016).

Prior to joining UCLA, I worked as a research assistant in Wireless Research Center (WRC) at Egypt Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) under supervision of Dr. Moustafa Youssef from Sep. 2010 till Nov. 2013. I also worked as a teaching assistant at the Computer Engineering Department at Tanta University. In summer 2013, I was a research intern at Bell-Labs under supervision of Dr. Fahim Kawsar. In summer 2011, I worked as an intern at Google. I recieved my Bachelors from the Computer Engineering and Automatic Control Department at Tanta University in 2008.

Latest news:

  • August 2018 Our paper on adversarial attacks against NLP machine learning models has been accepted in EMNLP 2018.
  • August 2018 I am honored to be invited for giving a talk in DEFCON 2018. The talk title is "Practical adversarial attacks against challenging models environments." Slides   Talk
  • June 2018 I joined Facebook as a Machine Learning Summer Intern.
  • Nov 2017 I have passed the Ph.D. Oral Qualifications Exam :)
  • Nov. 2017 Our paper "Did you hear that? Adversarial Examples Against Automatic Speech Recognition" got accepted in NIPS 2017 Machine Deception workshop.
  • Oct. 2017 Our UCNesl team achieved the 6th place in NIPS Adversarial Machine Learning Comeptition
  • Sep. 2017 I have been invited to present a talk during the Deep Learning workshop held as part of the DAIS ITA annual meeting in London
  • May. 2017 We are releasing the code of our RSTensorFlow project as open-source (Project link)
  • May. 2017 Our paper RSTensorFlow has been accepted at EMDL 2017 (co-located with MobiSys)
  • May. 2017 Our paper "Deep Learning for Situational Understanding" has been accepted at IEEE FUSION 2017
  • May. 2017 Our paper "Distributed Opportunistic Sensing and Fusion for Traffic Congestion Detection" has been accepted at DAIS-2017
  • May. 2017 Our paper "Interpretability of Deep Learning Models: A Survey of Results" has been accepted at DAIS-2017
  • Jan. 2017 Our paper SenseGen has been accepted at IEEE BICA (co-located with PerCom) 2017
  • Jan. 2017 Our paper SeleCon has been accepted at IoTDI 2017.
  • Oct. 2016 Our paper CryptoImg has been accepted at IEEE SPC (co-located with IEEE CNS) 2016.
  • June 2016 I spent Summer 2016 as a Summer Ph.D. engineering intern at Google working with the Android location team.
  • Dec. 2015 I have passed the PhD Written Qualification Exam (WQE).
  • Our paper SemanticSLAM has been accepted in IEEE Transaction of Mobile Computing, 2015.
  • June 2015 : I am spending the summer as a research intern at Qualcomm Research !



  • Unsupervised Indoor Localization and Heading Direction Estimation.
    R. R. Choudhury, H. Wang, N. Roy, S. Sen, Moustafa Youssef, A. Elgohary, and Moustafa Farid .
    Patent Application No: 2013/ 069178, USA.

Research Papers:

  • SenseGen: A Deep Learning Architecture for Synthetic Sensor Data Generation
    Moustafa Alzantot , Supriyo Chakraborty, Mani B. Srivastava
    IEEE BICA'17 (co-located with IEEE Percom 2017).

  • SeleCon: Scalable IoT Device Selection and Control Using Hand Gestures
    Amr Alanwar, Moustafa Alzantot , Bo-Jhang Ho, Paul Martin, Mani Srivastava
    IEEE International Conference on Internet-of-Things Design and Implementation (IoTDI 2017).

  • CryptoImg: Privacy Preserving Processing Over Encrypted Images
    M Tarek Ibn Ziad, Amr Alanwar, Moustafa Alzantot , Mani Srivastava
    IEEE Security and Privacy in the Cloud (SPC) 2016 (co-located with IEEE CNS 2016)

  • CrowdInside: Automatic Construction of Indoor Floorplans.
    Moustafa Alzantot , Moustafa Youssef,
    ACM SIGSPATIAL GIS 2012 ( Acceptance Rate 15.4% ).

  • No Need to War-Drive: Unsupervised Indoor Localization.
    H. Wang, S. Sen, Ahmed Elgohary, Moustafa Farid, Moustafa Youssef, Romit R. Choudhury
    ACM MobiSys 2012 ( Acceptance Rate 17% ).

  • UPTIME: Ubiquitous Pedestrian Tracking using Mobile Phones.
    Moustafa Alzantot , Moustafa Youssef,
    IEEE WCNC 2012.

Posters and Demos

  • [Demo] Demonstrating CrowdInside : A System for the Automatic Construction of Indoor Floor-plans.
    Moustafa Alzantot , Moustafa Youssef,
    IEEE PerCom 2013.

  • [Poster] IPS: Ubiquitous Indoor Positioning System.
    Moustafa Alzantot, Reem elkholy, Amal Lotfy, Moustafa Youssef.
    MobiQuitous 2011.

  • [Demo] Classroom7: Please Make Sure Your Phones are Switched On!.
    Moustafa Alzantot, Muhammed Hataba, Moustafa Youssef.
    MobiQuitous 2011.

Honors and Experience:


  • Recipient of the UCLA Graduate Division Award, 2016-2017.
  • Listed in the Marquis Who's Who in the World (32nd Edition), 2015.
  • UCLA Graduate Division Award, Fall 2014.
  • Common Marked of Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) 2013 innovation award.
  • Invited for Microsoft Research Cambridge PhD Summer School 2013
  • Microsoft Research (Project Hawaii) best mobile computing project award in E-JUST, Spring 2011
  • Distinction award with the degree of honor for graduation from the department of Computer Engineering, Tanta University, July 2008.
  • Bronze medal in the nation-wide programming contest held as part of annual week of Egyptian universities, March 2007.

Work Experience

  • Oct. 2014-Present: Gradaute Student Researcher, UCLA.
  • Summer 2016: Software Engineering Intern, Google.
  • Summer 2015: Research Intern, Qualcomm Research.
  • March 2014-Sep 2014: Software Consultant, Thirdwayv Inc.
  • May 2013 - Sep 2013: Research Intern, Alcatel Lucent Bell-Labs.
  • August 2011- Nov 2011: Software Engineer Intern, Google.
  • Sep. 2010 - Nov. 2013: Research Assistant, Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology.
  • March 2009-Sep. 2010: Teaching Assistant, Tanta University.

Contact me:

Phone: +1 (310) 948 - 6252
Office : 1762 Boelter Hall, Los Angeles, CA 90095.

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