CS 259: System Security

Midterm Information

You have 2 options for your midterm: 

Option 1: Answer the following 3 questions. You have until Dec. 8th @ midnight  to e-mail the answers to these questions to miodrag@cs.ucla.edu

  1. Explain relationship between mobility and security.  Explain when and how mobility helps/hurts security. Find a few related paper and provide a couple of small examples. 
  2. Find the most impractical, in terms of actual implementation and  assumptions,  cryptographical protocol. 
  3. Explain relationship between system security and one of emerging fields  (e.g. quantum computing, nano-electronics, or bio-computing) 

Option 2: After 11/21 (when the solutions have been posted) you go to Miodrag's office and receive six questions directly from the list of 25 questions handed out on Mon 11/17 (and which will be posted on the website). You will have 110 minutes to complete the questions in the GSWR. The Best 5 questions out of 6 will be graded. The deadline to take your midterm in this form is 12/1 (for non-WQE, non-DAC people) and 12/8 (for WQE, DAC people). (QUESTIONS) (SOLUTIONS)