CS 259: System Security




Project Information

Everyone will present their projects on 12/1/03 from 2-6pm in BH 4760 from 2-4 and in BH 4750 from 4-6. Each presentation should be 15mins + 5 mins questions. Everyone does not have to attend the entire time, however, it is expected that you attend for part of the time, and early enough for your presentation such that there is no dead time. Your projects don't have to be finished by this time.

Jenni will not be present at the presentation, so please make arrangements with someone else in the class to use their laptop if you don't have one available to you. 

Deadline to turn in your written project write-up/paper (10pgs double-column, single spaced) is 12/31 @ midnight.



Project Descriptions


"Information Security in Sensor Networks"  Yu-Li Lin & Johnny Tsao (final presentation)


"Resource Accounting in Sensor Networks" Martain Lukac & Matt Schnaider (final presentation)


"Data Skewing in Sensor Networks" Brian Chin, Jessica Feng & Ben L. Titzer (final presentation)


"Private Collaborative Computation in Sensor Networks" Steven VanDeBogart & Ani Nahapetian (final presentation)