CS 269 Project Page

Deformable Lens using Finite Elements, Bezier Curve with Snell’s Law (Spring 2012)

a. Project Report (Please download from this link)

b. Instruction
We developed this deformable human lens using Bezier Curve, Finite Elements and Snell’s Law. The video above is the demonstration. Following is the details of the implementation.

1 we developed GUI with wxWidgets.

2 User can change the followings with this tool
    a Position of the light source
    b Type of the light source (Parallel / Point)
    c Force added to the lens (-100 to 100)
    d Refraction index of the lens (0.0 to 8.0)

3 The red square at the center is the lens which is modeled by 6 square finite elements.

4 For the refraction, we implemented Snell’s law. User can change the refraction index of the lens, position of the source and shape of the lens. It computes the direction of the refraction light based on the index, and the shape of the curve which is modeled by Bezier curve.

5 The focus point changes depending on the position of the light source, type of the source, refraction index and deformation of the lens.

c. Summary
We could demonstrate the simple mechanism of the human eyes using the deformable model and Bezier curve based on Snell’s law. It converge to one focus point with proper deformation.

Sunday, March 25, 2012