CS 565 Programming Languages
Spring 1997

      Time and Place:       Mon, Wed, Fri 8:30-9:20 AM, CS G066.
      Professor:            Jens Palsberg, CS 174, palsberg@cs.purdue.edu.
      Office Hours:         Stop by any time.

      Teaching Assistant:   Qin Yu, MATH 411, qiyu@cs.purdue.edu.
      Office Hours:         Mon 1:00-3:00 PM, Wed 1:00-2:30 PM.
      Newsgroup:            purdue.class.cs565
      Lab:                  CS 257 (Pentium machines running Solaris).
CS 565 is a course on the core aspects of programming languages: semantics, types, control flow, and implementation. Java and Scheme will be the main example languages, in addition to some toy languages. Java is an object-oriented language, and Scheme is a functional language. Emphasis is on concepts and techniques of practical value for the working programmer. The final grade will be determined as follows: The homework assignments will offer opportunities to earn extra credit. In cases where the final grade is on the borderline between A and B, or between B and C, the higher grade will, at the discretion of the professor, be assigned to students who have earned significant extra credit.