Hobbit dictionary for children

Here is a dictionary for children who want to read The Hobbit. The dictionary explains words and phrases that some children will read in The Hobbit for the first time. John Palsberg made the dictionary when he was eight years old.

Chapter 1: An Unexpected Party

oozy : bad
undoubtedly : definitely
porthole : round ship window
dear me : wow!
lasses : girls
morsel : snack
throng : crowd
depradations : attacks
haughty : proud
shan't : shall not
thereupon : then
chip : break a small piece off
crocks : broken pieces
whole : unbroken
mantelpiece : shelf
sorcerous : magical
ere : before
yore : long ago
goblets : cups
harps of gold : musical instruments made of gold
delves : goes
there lay they long : there they stayed for a long time
and many a song were sung : and they sang many songs
unheard by men or elves : that no men or elves ever heard
ire : anger
cunning : skill
desire : wishes
wear : use
in a tone : with a voice
apologetically : and said I am sorry
we are met together : we met
conspirator : companion
audacious : brave
remark : comment
ale : beer
compliments : friendly words
wagging : moving
protest : to say no
flummoxed : unable to speak
policy : rule
devices : tools
estimable : good
bear it : take it
shriek : scream
drawing-room : a room for drawing
excitable : a person who easily gets excited
queer : strange
poetical : cute
exaggeration : said too strongly
fierce : good at fighting
applied : used
club : stick
meanwhile : at the same time
descendant : family member
reviving : waking up
crept : crawled
nervously : afraid
humph : a sound that people say when they are unhappy
snort : sound from the throat and nose
relatives : family members
bobbing : walking up and down
regretted : felt bad about and wish it had not happened
overheard : listened to
burglars : robbers
reference : words about
dignity : pride
doubts : worries
treat : think of
want done : want to get done
Were-worms : scary animals
reasonable : pretty good
trade : job
frowned : looked sad
disappointedly : sadly and a bit angry
passage : tunnel
creep : crawl
devoring : eating
method : way
quite right : mostly right
alters : changes
plunder : steal
general waste and destruction : mess
nowadays : this year
unexpectedly : we didn't think it would happen
grim : bad and dangerous
curses : bad words
apparently : clearly
rightful : correct
heir : family
chosen : picked
handing : giving
considering : thinking about
hardly : almost not
blame : say that somebody did it even when you are not sure
ought : should
praised : said good things about
explanation : words that say what it is
mines : tunnels
unpleasant : bad
prisoner : somebody in jail
dungeon : tunnel or hole deep in the ground
shudder : shiver
nasty : bad
business : job
absurd : makes no sense
far beyond : much more than
witless : without thinking
wandering : walking around
accidentally : by accident
flustered : don't know what to do
I daresay : I am sure
poached : cooked in milk or wine
wretched : bad
break of day : morning when the sun gets up

Chapter 2: Roast Mutton

mutton : cooked sheep meat
dressing gown : morning clothes
dismally : badly
relieved : happy
trifle : little bit
professional assistance : expert help
acceptance : say Yes
exceeding : more than
expense : money that you will spend
guaranteed : promised for sure
profits : money earned
defrayed : paid
representatives : friends
disturb : wake up
esteemed : highly regarded
repose : sleep
proceeded : begun
preparations : getting ready
await : wait for
sharp : exactly
punctual : on time
Bravo! : Good job!
parcels : packets
paraphernelia : things
precise : right
weather-stained : used
comic : funny
inhabited by : lived in
folk : people
inn : hotel
ampling : walking
gloomy : sad
nasty : bad
been obliged : had to
grumpy : a little angry
burgling : stealing
kettle : pot
swollen : gotten bigger
merely : only
keeping them company : traveling with them
rustling and crackling and creaking : noise
grumbling and dratting : complaining
racket : noice
cavalcade : parade
weasel : animal
runnin' short : almost nothing else
'ell : hell
yer : your
'o fat : old fat
hesitated : waited a little bit
proceedings : methods
various : a few different kinds
mischief : magic and bad
update : understanding
blighter : little bad person
lout : dumb
applicable : useful
reckon : understand
unawares : without a paying attention
booby : idiot
dawn take you all : the sunlight will be bad for you
be stone to you : you will become stone
bickering and quarreling : arguing
untie : open
suffocated : died because they couldn't breathe
anyhow : still
incatations : words
victims : people that trolls caught
makes : kinds
particularly : a good example is
scabbards : sheaths
smith : a man who makes things out of iron
mounted : got up on the horse
nick of time : last minute
anxious : worried
replenisning : fill back up
stock and provisions : food and drink that they brought with them
interrupt : speak when somebody else is speaking

Chapter 3: A Short Rest

nor : or
forded : went across
shallow : not deep
bank : side
marched : moved
a day's easy journey : one day of travel
dreary : sad
we shall be done for : we will get lost
rest in reasonable safety : sleep without worry
where he was making for : where he was going
homely house : friendly, comfortable house
grass-green and moss-green : areas with grass and areas with moss
opened suddenly at their feet : went steeply down
gullies : a deep long hole
ravine : small, narrow, steep-sided valley
bogs : wetlands
astonished : very surprised
the day began to fail : the sun started to go down
dim : low
stumble : trip over
hurrying : moving fast
scent : smell
slithered : slided
dusk : sunset
drowsy : sleepy
the trees changed to beech and oak : now the trees were beech and oak trees
twilight : the time just when the sun is going down
glade : open area
your ponies need shoeing : your ponies need new shoes
faggots are reeking : the food is smelling good
bannocks : bread
jolly : happy
a-wagging : wagging
no knowing : we don't know
straying : running away
the daylight is dying : the sun is going down
folly : bad
hark : pay attention
caught glimpses : saw for a short time
the darkness deepened : it got darker
seldom : almost never
decent : good
foolish : bad
annoyed : a little mad
Isn't it delicious! : We love it!
astonishing wonderful : very surprising and good
ridiculous : silly
written down in full : written down all of it
gruffly : unfriendly
merrily : happily
a little out of your way : gone wrong a little bit
wood-fires : fire that burns wood
elvish : something the elves like to do
brink : side
parapet : railing
palpitating : scary
gruesome : evil
goblins : bad guys
ancestors : older and maybe dead family members
venerable : good
refreshed : better
bruises : wounds
mountain passes : places to get over the mountain
midsummer eve : middle of June in the evening
kin : family
hoard : store
cleaver : tool that can break something into two parts
tongue : language
blade : the metal part of a sword
foe : enemy
whence : from where
plunderers : thieves
remnants : last few pieces
montains of old : old montains
treasures of old : old treasures
deserted : nobody is there any more
caverns : caves
granted : given
gazed long : looked for a long time
approve : like
cruel : evil
grieved : was sad
broad : big
runes : letters of an old kind
handwriting : written by hand
spidery : looks like a spider web
rune-letters : letters of an old kind
what do they say? : can you read the words?
vexed : sad
goodness knows when : nobody known when
thrush : bird
threshold : just before

Chapter 4: Over Hill and Under Hill

cheats : look good but are bad
deceptions : they try to trick you
infested : full of
dreadful : scary
crooked : going left and right
a lonely and a long : is is lonely and it is long
shrill : cold
boulders : big rocks
galloping : running fast like a horse
chill : cold
uncanny : scary
wail : soft cry
haymaking : harvest
gaily : happily
swift : fast
thriven : got stronger
driven men from the lands : forced men away from the lands
astray : wrong
fearful : dangerous
dreadful fall : steep side
sheltering : getting cover
whinnying : sounding scared
guffawing : laughing
occasion : day
ponies and all : ponies and everything
unsaddle : take the saddle off
colours : colors (such as red, yellow, red, blue)
amuse : to make them laugh
seized : took
heart of the mountain : middle on the mountain
can see through : can see through the darkness
stuffy : difficult to breathe
unmercifully : even though they know it hurts a lot
glimmer : a little bit
pinch, nab : grab and squeeze
lad : boy
tongs : tool for grabbing things
knocker : a little thing on a door one can use to knock on the door with
gongs : musical instrument one can beat to make sound
pound : hit
Swish, smack! Whip crack! : hit with a whip
whip : a rope with a handle
batter and beat : hit
yammer and bleat : scream and cry
shirk : stop the work
quaff : drink
terrifying : scary
too plain : easy to understand
whooped : laughed
suitable : good
chained their hands : put chains on their hands
linked : tied together
tremendous : very big
bad-hearted : bad and mean
untidy : messy
ingenious : clever
especially : a good example is
the orderly and prosperous : people who live safely in a good place and with food to eat
alliances : friendships
grudge : anger
mentioned : told
miserable : bad and sad
I'll warrent : I think
murderers : people who kill other people
suspect : think and guess
unused : empty and nobody is using it
inconveniencing : interrupting
rage : anger
gnash : hit
jibbering and jabbering : hitting
shrieking and skriking : screaming
dumbfounded : very surprised and could not move
trotting : running
off they all went at a run : they started to run again
many a stumble : many times they tripped and almost fell to the ground
delight : joy
no knowing quite where we are : we don't know where we are
hordes of : many
so that do what they could : so even though they did what they could
scurrying : running
fell behind : came last
hustling back : trying hard to get back
realm : kingdom

Chapter 5: Riddles in the Dark

with them shut : with his eyes shut
groped : felt with his hands
on all fours : on hands and feet
his head was swimming : he felt dizzy
for a good way : for a long distance
a turning point in his career : his life is going to be different
miserableness : feeling bad and sad
high time : already late for
miserabler : more miserable
he felt for : he tried to find
pouch : bag
shattered : broke
as he agreed : as he realized
striking : light up
crushed : sad
slapping : touching
fortunately : it was lucky
breeches : pants
splendid : good
impression : made people think
a patter and a pitter : beating fast
ordinary : normal kind
properly : has good air
recovered : feeling better again
fund : memory
steadily : all the time
in spite of : even though
occasional : some times
whirr : sound
startled : surprised
frequent : often
not daring to stop, on, on : he felt that he had to keep running
tireder : more tired
subterranean : underground
slimey : full of slime
bulging : out of the head
unbeknown : unknown
odd : strange
slinking and nosing about : exploring the area
rowed about : rowed his boat to different places
dangling : hanging
ripple : movement in the water
as quick as thinking : very fast
goblin he thought good : he liked to eat goblins
he took care : he was careful
they never found him out : they didn't find him
throttle : grab their neck and squeeze
prowling : searching
lurking : hiding
very roots : deep down
a fancy for fish : a wish to eat fish
shot off : started quickly
a choice feast : many choices
jumped nearly out of his skin : was very surprised
thrusting : holding
hinges : connectors
ye : you
a bitsy : for a short time
the long, long ago : a long time ago
does it guess easy? : wow, Bilbo guess easily
chestnuts : it is easy
ages before : a long time ago
gain time : get time to think
poser : hard question
scrumptiously crunchable : taste good
devours : eats
dreadfully : badly
scattered his wits : cannot think clearly
pawing : touching
precious : important, valuable, treasure
antiquity : very old and important
genuine : real
hasty : fast
oddments : things
perhaps : maybe
at large : used
galled : made him hurt
parted from : be away from
venture : walk
torches : wooden sticks with fire in one end
smart : hurt
goblin-imp : goblin-child
scrabbling : looking
in vain : without finding it
utterly : completely
suspicion : idea
pale : weak
maddened : made mad
forefinger : pointer finger
snag : thing
sheathed : put back in its container
gurgling : sound of water in the mouth
halted : stopped
noser : somebody who walks around and looks where they are not supposed to
tricksy : it tricked me
creepsy : creeping
shambling : running
pace : speed
cautiously : carefully
whirl : don't know what to do
flip-flapping : walking
get shaky and weepy : began to shake and cry
peered : looked
shrank back : walked back
durstn't : don't date
dead stop : the passage ended
stiffened : listened
menacingly : ready to attack
alert : ready and watching out
sharpened : made sharper
crouched : bending down
splayed : spread out
thrust out : sticking out
tense as a bowstring : ready to attack any time
spring : jump
went stiff : started to listen
desperate : had almost no choice
stab : hit with the sword
foul : bad
threatened : said that he wanted to
pity : feel for sorry for
welled up in Bilbo's heart : Bilbo felt strongly
unmarked : without anything special
betterment : getting better
resolve : decision
leaped : jumped
threw him backwards : jumped backwards
falling fair : landed well
sturdy : strong
sped : ran fast
heels : backs of the feet
bloodcurdling : scary
hatred : he hates
despair : feeling almost that almost no choice is left
prey : animal one can hunt, kill, and eat
cry : loud shout
held on : kept running
menacing : ready to attack
roughly : with sharp edges
stubbed : hurt
jagged : with sharp edges
orcs : goblins
stooping : bending
sloping down : going down
incline : going up
filtering : coming
scuttling : running
dazzlingly : looks good
leak : little bit
drawn : out and ready for a fight
aroused : excited
smote Bilbo : Bilbo felt
bellowed : shouted
swore : said bad words
hither and thither : here and there
outcry and to-do : don't know what to do
trampled : stepped on
game of blindman's buff : playing tag
running about : running here and there
dodged : ran
make out : understand
scrambled away on all fours : crawled on hands and feet
ajar : open
pushed it nearly to : pushed it such that it was nearly closed
bewildered : don't know what to do
hooting and hallooing : shouting
giddy : unable to think

Chapter 6: Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire

where and O where : where
dells : valleys
discussing : talking about
debating : talking about
abominable : bad
drat him : I don't like it
helter-skelter : as fast as we could go
reputation : what people think about him
appreciatively : they liked it
description : story
presence : they are there
evidently : clearly
decent : good
ticklish : difficult
bewitchments : magic
was acquainted with : knew
called them to their senses : asked them to think clearly
lengthening : getting longer
sorrel : vegetable
patches : areas
rabbit-cropped turf : short grass
thyme : plant
sage : plant
marjoram : plant
rockroses : roses
landslide : rocks and sand roll down
rubbish : garbage
clattering : making sound
disturbed : moved
bounded : moved
trudge : walk
slithering : sliding
seemed on the move : seemed to move
huddled all together : standing close together
slabs : small rocks
climbing wood : wood on the hillside
the onslaught of the rocks : the falling rocks
bracken : bushes
bruised : that have wounds
deepening : getting longer
plains : flat land
fronds : leaves
forest-silence : quiet
sea-sighing : sound of wind over the ocean
it struck all of them : they thought
shuddering : that made them shiver
imitate : sound like
goblin-infested : with lots of goblins
keener : better
proverb : saying
glade : area
slender : thin
swarm : climb
dangling : hanging
at intervals : gaps
spokes : sticks
greenery : leaves
topmost : highest
boughs : branches
gleaming : shining
scuttling : running
porter : man who carries heavy things
clearing : area without trees
clambered : climbed
blazing : shining
evidently : clearly
meeting-place : place to meet
had smelt out : found by smelling
clamour : sound
raids : attacks
the plunder : stolen things
goblin-raid : attack by the goblins
nearest the mountains : closest to the mountains
woodmen : men who live in the forest
intention : plan
alight : on fire
whizzing : with a sound of burning
shaggy : hairy
to and fro : here and there
pinnacle : top
unblinking : without blinking
glint : light
cowardly : not brave
noble-hearted : good
lofty : high up
afoot : going on
summoned : asked to come here
deep-piled : in a big pile
maddened : angry
round the trunks : around the trees
brushwood : branches
beat : hit
it closed slowly in : it got closer slowly
the fuel piled : the firewood in a pile
reek : gap
wizard though he was : even though he was a wizard
fern : leaves
shrivel and scorch : burn
fizzling : sound of burning
delight : joy
blaze : burn
glaze : melt
bones black : bones get burned
cinders : ashes
splendour : light
spring : jump
hurtling : jumping
thunderbolt : lightning
talons : claws
loud cried the Lord of the Eagles : the Lord of the Eagles shouted loudly
swept : flew
in vain : without hitting the target
swooped : flew
the dark rush of their beating wings : their wings pushed them
smote : hit
scrambling : climbed
borne off : carried away
tumult : mess
sprang : jumped
flurry : many
sweeping : big
At the best of times : When all is well
giddy : happy
queer : dizzy
swam : was dizzy
eyrie : nest
lest : unless
trimmed : cleaned
torn up : killed
slightly : a little bit
rendered : given
arrow-wound : wound from being hit with an arrow shot from a bow
captives : prisoners
yew : wood
cheat : take away
sport : what they have captured
obliged : grateful
in the meantime : while we are waiting
famished : very hungry
mended : fixed
skinning : take off the skin
butcher : the man who kills and cuts up animals for food
taken to : started to use
contendedly : happily

Chapter 7: Queer Lodgings

a wash and a brush : wash hands, wash face, and tooth brush
fresh start : new adventure
off rose : started to fly
twined : in between
about : around
falling back : being further and looking smaller
fair : beautiful
clutch : hold
spirals : going around in circles
outpost : a station far away from the main place
bear : carry
sun sails : where the sun can be seen
moon walks : where the moon can be seen
parted : went separate ways
worn : used
ford : a place in the river where it is easy to get across
wholesome : good
discussed : talked about
management : leadership
pressing : urgent
attend : take care of
distressed : sad
you are still some miles : you are some miles from
pleading : begging
wide-armed oaks : oak trees with long branches
appalling : scary
humoured : he hears something funny
easy-tempered : friendly
crossly : a little angry
furrier : a person who buys and sell fur
conies : rabbits
tippet : clothes made of fur
muff : hand warmer made of fur
unfortunate : bad
descended from : in the family of
fancy : think
enchantment : magic
marvellous : amazing
ranges : walks
perish : die
before them : in front of
down dale : downhill into a dale
plodded : walked
clover : small green plant that usually has either three or four leaves
whirring : sound of bees
as big again : twice as big
drones : male bees
bee-pastures : area where bees live
scramble : walk
unshaped logs : branches from a tree
creaking : make noise
sleek : well shaped
well-groomed : clean
courtyard : area between buildings
wings : side buildings
lopped : cut off
knotted : strong
tunic : shirt
rolling : long
gruffly : a little angry
towering tall above : much taller than
bushy : big
unimpeachable : good
reputation : what people think about him
conscious of : was thinking about
at least advice : what we need most is advice
pass : place to get over the mountains
blackened rafters : black ceiling
veranda : patio
wooden posts : long piece of wood
westering : going west
full of flowers : with many flowers
that came right up to the steps : all the way to the steps
refuge : cover
hullo : hello
troop of : many
comic one : funny one
offended : angry
mislaid : lost
did not show it more than : tried not to show
suspicious : most likely bad
good way away : far away
porch : patio
pillars : wood that carries the ceiling
hearth : fireplace
fore-feet : front feet, similar to hands
trestles : legs for tables
bore : carried
embroidered : decorated
broad backs : wide back side
rush-bottoms : seats
many a year : many years
beeswax : wax produced by honey bees
outstretched : big area
perils : dangers
heed : attention
smith-craft : the technique that a smith uses
save : other than
long : for a long time
drinking-bowls : cups
mead : something to drink
the dark night came on outside : it got dark outside
dancing flames : moving flames
standing tall : standing and tall
stirring : moving
rafters : wood
withered : dry and wrinkled
heath : open land
mountains cold : cold up in the mountains
mould : ground
ceased : stopped
shrill : high sound
harsh : strict
marsh : wetland
tassels : leaves
reeds : plants
rent : broken
bare : empty
lair : nest
stark : big
the moon set sail : the moon started to move
gale : strong wind
raised platform : high floor
woollen : made of wool
woke : woke up
embers : the yellow dots in a fire
splash of white : light
smoke-hole : hole that the smoke can go through
scuffling : moving around
awoke : woke up
full morning : the sun is all the way up
lazybones : a person who sleeps a lot
puzzled : confused
masses : a lot
clotted : think
quart : a quarter of a gallon, that is, about a liter
figure-eight : looks like the number eight, that is, two circles close together
swirling channel : water moving fast and changing direction
the night before last : two nights ago
dropped asleep : feel asleep fast
puzzling : thinking about
good humour : good mood
at any rate : anyway
burned wolf-glade : area where they set the wolves and trees on fire
forced : made them hurt until they told him what he wanted know
raid : attack
vengeance : revenge
taking your word : believe you
lade : make them carry
earthenware pots : pots made of clay
keep good : keep eatable
made one thirsty : made a person thirsty
savage : fierce
sweepings of their hoods : show of respect
midday : noon
skirts : edge
overgrown : a lot of grass and many plants grow on it
impassable : impossible to get across
well protected : well guared
cut you off : block you
swifter : faster
strongholds : something like a castle, that is, well-defended
drawing ever closer : getting closer all the time
pursuing : trying to catch
the next morning dawned : the next morning the sun got up
bright and fair : beautiful
autumn-like : like it was autumn (that is, fall)
mist : fog
scattered : a few, here and there
browsing : touching
harts : deer
prowling : walking
their night had been short : they had less sleep than usual
frowning : dangerous
eaves : edge
overhanging : hanging over the head
gnarled : twisted
ivy : green plants
the Northern world : the part of the world which in the North
inclined : wanted
sense : ability of think
glum : sad
expedition : adventure
they distributed the packages : the gave each person some of the packages
as fairly as they could : about equally many to each person
wearysomely : tiring
trudging : walk
gaily : happily
Bilbo could have sworn : Bilbo was sure
poor : small
watching and waiting feeling : a feeling that the forest is watching and waiting
stiff : full of
hobgoblins : a particular kind of goblins
worst description : worst kind
necromancer : magician
stick to the forest-track : stay on the forest-track
a tremendous slice of luck : a lot of luck
dear old Smaug : the terrible Smaug
temptation : chance
dismay : feeling sad
plunged : walked

Chapter 8: Flies and Spiders

arch : curved door
leant : were leaning
lichen : moss
blackened : black
wound : going
the quiet was so deep : it was so quiet
dimness : weak light
glimmer : weak light
slender : thin
matted : thick
stabbed down : came down
inquisitive : asking
hurryings : animals running around fast
cobweb : spider web
as heartily : as much
longed for : wished for
forest roof : the leaves that block the sun
everlastingly : will last forever
to watch : to guard
bulbous : fat
top-hat : tall hat that some men like to wear
posts : pieces of wood that are stuck partly into the ground
as they used : as they used to be
splash it fell : it fell with a splash
in vain : it didn't work
taut : pulled all the way
the stronger : the strongest
flying sound : a sound of something moving fast
gloom : darkness
flying deer : a deer in the middle of a jump
guardian : somebody who protects
wail : cry of pain
drenched : completely wet
ill luck : bad luck
clumsiness : tendency to fall to the ground
aware : know
baying : barking
vexed : troubled
a hind and fawns : a female and children
gloomy : sad
straggle : go
burnened : had to carry
wearisome : tiring
light : weighs just a little bit
managed : been able to do it
slumbering : sleeping
funguses : mushrooms
herbs : plants that people can eat
ruffled : made noise
disquieting : worrying
eerie : strange
accursed : bad
many a slap : many slaps
he was greened and grimed : he got green and dirty
only hold on and blink : he could only hold on with his hands and blink with his eyes
brilliantly : sharply
velvety : soft
at length : after a while
parchingly : very
quench : satisfy
short commons : little food
at that very moment : at the same time
twinkle : little light
midst : middle
confusticate : confuse
clamour : noise
mirth : joy
occasional : some times
stealthily : without being seen

Chapter 9: Barrels Out of Bond

out of bond : no longer under control
there's a good fellow : be a good fellow
too roomy : had too much space
lose their wits : lose their ability to think clearly
riseth : rises
mere : lake
kine : cow

Chapter 10: A Warm Welcome

lapping : covering
raftsteerers : the people who steer the raft

Chapter 11: On the Doorstep

disembarked : got off
necessaries : things they need
laden : loaded
desolation : empty and destroyed land
spurs of the Mountain : ridges
reek : bad smell
perilous : dangerous
two of these here : two of them
thrust forward west : stretched in a western direction
main mass : main part
marauding : wanting to attack or steal

Chapter 12: Inside Information

exceeding : more than
possessed of : has
calculating folk : people who think ahead
treacherous : unreliable
bade : wished
rustle : little noice
unmistakable : loud
gurgling : boiling
Mountain's root : deep down in the Mountain
slumber : sleep
limbs : body parts
staggerment : shock
an age : a long time
dire menace : big threat
have long had : have had for a long time
withstood : didn't break
midday : Noon
sulking : quiet and in a bad mood
wily : bad
overwhelming personality : convincing way to talk
kin : family
antiquated : old and no longer useful
under-covering : cover of his stomach
as bare as a snail out of its shell : without cover
singed and frizzled : burned
thrushes : birds
slip : make a mistake
prod : hit
frontal : direct
inlaid : made with
Heart of the Mountain : the best thing in the Mountain
outburst : result
wrath : anger

Chapter 13: Not at Home

dominion : area
burdens : things they were carrying

Chapter 14: Fire and Water

blotted : hidden
enthusiasm : a lot of interest
hotfoot : fast
to arms : get your weapons
amid : in the middle of
foiled : prevented
alas : sadly
recompense : money given for the loss that was suffered
tidings : news

Chapter 15: The Gathering of the Clouds

linger : live
alighted : landed
bobbed : moved
remnant : something that is still there
fells : mountains
undesigned : without that you wanted to
amended : paid back
parley : discussion

Chapter 16: A Thief in the Night

thrice : three times

Chapter 17: The Clouds Burst

betrayed : go against a promise to a friend
get down now to your friends : go to your friends
reconciliation : peace and friendship
domination : power
forging and arming : making weapons and giving them to soldiers
fell : died
deafening : very loud
rending : tearing into pieces
restrained : held back
redoubled : twice as much
smote : hit
helm : helmet

Chapter 18: The Return Journey

Well I never : I never would have thought
hail! : hi!
in captivity : in prison
fare : go
the goblins overthrown : the goblins lost the war
hardships : difficulties

Chapter 19: The Last Stage

cherish : like very much
alder : tree
auction : a place where people are selling things
reputation : what people are saying about you
content : happy
coat of mail : chain armor
chiefly : mainly