the LEgal Transformation SpacE Explorator

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LeTSeE is a platform dedicated to computing and exploring the legal affine scheduling space of a statically controlled program. It is programmed as a library, offering services such as:

The LeTSeE software is a part of a larger toolchain containing a set of free software for program transformation and optimization in the polyhedral model. It comprises also:

To enjoy full features of LeTSeE, it is strongly recommended to install all the abovementionned software before installing LeTSeE. A package containing all of them is proposed in the download section.

Future plans: the next release of LeTSeE will contain

Communication: three groups are available for subscription


Please note that the two following documents are highly preliminary, and incomplete. The documentation will be improved soon. In the meantime, don't hesitate to contact the author for any question.



The installation of LeTSeE follows the classical GNU library scheme. Please specify the path of the 2 mandatory dependencies of LeTSeE (FM and candl) to the configure script. The configure script will automatically detect the location of dependencies if --prefix=path/to/dir is specified and all dependencies were installed in path/to/dir. Please note that the FM library must have been compiled with the PIPLib support (it is turned on by default in the LeTSeE Tooklit package)

$> tar xzf letsee-0.1.0.tar.gz
$> cd letsee-0.1.0
$> ./configure --prefix=/path/to/be/installed --with-fm=/path/to/fm/install --with-candl=/path/to/candl/install
$> make

The make check command can be used to make a test run of LeTSeE. It will launch the space computation of the matmult code fragment, generate the corresponding 912 transformations, compile and run them on the target machine (provided it is a Linux embedding GCC).

$> make check

There are several installation errors which may happen, beside a bug in the software itself. Please check the following before contacting the author:

Publications involving LeTSeE

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  6. Miscellaneous

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02/16/2008: Release of letsee-0.1.0