Postdoc or Staff Research Associate Position at UCLA on Simulation and Prototyping for Customized Computing

One position is immediately available in the Department of Computer Science at UCLA, working with Dr. Jason Cong and Dr. Glenn Reinman at the Center for Domain.Specific Computing (CDSC). The candidate will carry out architecture and system.level research on:

The CDSC (UCLA and three other partner universities) has been established with the National Science Foundation 2009 Expedition in Computing Award. The goal of the CDSC is to look beyond parallelization and focus on domain.specific customization as the next disruptive technology to bring orders.of.magnitude power.performance efficiency improvement to important application domains. We are developing a general methodology for creating novel customizable architecture platforms and the associated compilation tools and runtime management environment to support domain.specific computing to: 1) achieve orders.of magnitude computing efficiency improvement for applications in a specific domain; and 2) demonstrate that such improvement can be obtained with little or no impact on design productivity, so that it can be deployed in a wide range of application domains. The CDSC.s application domains include medical imaging and personalized cancer treatment, which have many .big data. computational challenges. For more information, please see:

Required Qualifications:

Desirable Qualifications:

For consideration, please email a curriculum vitae or resume, along with the names and addresses of three references to: Alexandra Luong (, UCLA Department of Computer Science, Los Angeles, CA 90095.