VLSI Implementation for Algorithms of Artificial Intelligence

 Reinforcement Learning on FPGA

See Also: Quantitative Trading (accelerate)

 Recurrent Neural Networks on ASIC

See Also: Machine Learning (implement)


   TSV modeling


   architecture optimization

   Clock Tree Design with TSV application

   Arithmetic and Logic Circuit Design



 Convolutional Neural Networks on FPGA

See Also: Machine Learning (implement)

  Instruction Set and Microcode Design

  Datapath Optimization with efficient DSP

  Network Compression Algorithm

Quantitative Trading

See Also: Reinforcement Learning on FPGA (accelerate)

 Algorithmic Trading

See Also: Machine Learning (apply)

  Hedge Fund

  High Frequency Trading

Machine Learning

See Also: Recurrent Neural Networks on ASIC (implement), Convolutional Neural Networks on FPGA (implement), Algorithmic Trading (apply)