Parageography Roadmap

Douglass S. Parker -- Course Outline (2006)

Ytynerarye of ye Voyage

The Quest Simple

We're off to. . . .

The Quest Vectored and Engoaled

'Vectored' = directed and determined by its goal. . .

The Quest Scattered

The Archipelago Effect: So near. . . and yet. . .

Otherwheres on the Borders of Reality

Not quite next door.

The Pleasaunce and the Grot-Edens, Paradises, Arcadias

Come into the garden, Maud. . . .

The World Repaired

Trains, if any, run strictly on time.


Why, this is Hell, nor am I out of it. . . .

The Bewitched Landscape-Fairylands

Ill-met by moonlight. . .

Twentieth-Century Fantasy

Wizard. . . .

It's My Own Invention


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