Muhammad Taqi Raza

UCLA Computer Science 118, Winter 2018
Computer Network Fundamentals

Discussion Section Slides
(Section 1B)
The discussion slides are attached for students reference. In class, we usually debate and discuss these concepts in length and make use of related material from different source(s).
Week 1 [PDF]
Class logistics, Network programming, Introduction to reliable and unreliable data transmission
Week 2 [PDF] Project 1, Socket programming, application layer (including DNS) and others
Week 3 [PDF]Transport layer protocols: principles of reliable data transfer, Stop and Wait, Go-Back-N and Selective Repeat protocols
Week 4 [PDF]TCP connection management, congestion and flow control
Week 5 [PDF]Sample midterm discussion, and network layer addressing
Week 6 [PDF]IP, NAT, and DHCP. Focus on IP fragmentation, IP addressing and subnetting
Week 7 [PDF]Project 2, routing protocols, and midterm review
Week 8 [PDF]Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), and Software Defined Networking (SDN)
Week 9 [PDF]Wireless and Mobile Networks
Week 10 [PDF]Network Security and Final Exam Review