JavaCOP: Declarative Pluggable Types for Java

ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems (TOPLAS), 32(2):1-37, January 2010.
Shane Markstrum, Daniel Marino, Matthew Esquivel, Todd Millstein, Chris Andreae, James Noble
Pluggable types enable users to enforce multiple type systems in one programming language. We have developed a suite of tools, called the JavaCOP framework, that allows developers to create pluggable type systems for Java. JavaCOP provides a simple declarative language in which program constraints are defined over a program's abstract syntax tree. The JavaCOP compiler automatically enforces these constraints on programs during compilation. The JavaCOP framework also includes a dataflow analysis API in order to support type systems which depend on flow-sensitive information. Finally, JavaCOP includes a novel test framework which helps users gain confidence in the correctness of their pluggable type systems. We demonstrate the framework by discussing a number of pluggable type systems which have been implemented in JavaCOP in order to detect errors and enforce strong invariants in programs. These type systems range from general-purpose checkers, such as a type system for nonnull references, to domain-specific ones, such as a checker for conformance to a library's usage rules.

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