Academic Indices

h-index: 65. (Palsbergh list of scientists in computing with h-index 40 or more.)

Other indices and citation counts: Google Scholar Page

Erdos Number: 2 via Ron and Fan Graham. (Erdos Project list, under Ron Graham.)

Academic Lineage: The Mathematics Genealogy Project: lineage via Nancy Lynch to Hartley Rogers, Alonzo Church, Oswald Veblen, E.H. Moore, Poisson, Lagrange, Euler, and the Bernoullis. Many professors share the connection to Church.

ACM Fellow (2002): (ACM Fellows with last name starting with V.)

Kobayashi Award (2014): : Past winners of the IEEE Koji Kobayashi Award.

SIGCOMM Award (2014): Past winners of SIGCOMM Lifetime Award