• [08/20] I am invited to serve as an Senior Program Committee of AAAI 2021.

  • [05/20] One paper accepted by CVPR 2020 on object detection. One paper accepted by ECCV 2020 on pose estimation and tracking.

  • [01/20] I am invited to serve as an Area Chair of CVPR 2021.

  • [11/19] Two papers accepted by IEEE Trans on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI) on video captioning and object detection, respectively.

  • [07/19] Two papers accepted by ICCV 2019 on action detection and ReID, respectively. One paper accepted by BMVC 2019 as an Oral on hand pose estimation.

  • [03/19] Three papers accepted by CVPR 2019, two as Orals on hand shape estimation and dense video captioning, respectively, and one as Poster on adversarial machine learning.

  • [12/18] I have joined Wormpex AI Research, to assist our executives set up and grow a team in visual recognition & analysis for future retail business at BianLiFeng (便利蜂).

  • [07/17] Our paper on Reinforcement Learning-based Image Captioning has been nominated to the “Best Student Paper Award” at CVPR 2017!

  • [07/16] I have joined Snap Research as a Research Scientist. Venice beach, here I come!