Academic Integrity

At, the Office of the Dean of Students presents University policy on academic integrity, with special attention to cheating, plagiarism, and student discipline. The policy summaries don't specifically address programming assignments in detail, so we state our policy here.

Of course, you understand that your work on programming assignments must be your own. But we understand that high-level discussions about approaches to a problem have educational value and are acceptable. So where do we draw the line? We'll decide each case on its merits, but here are some categorizations:



Be especially careful about giving a copy of your work to a friend who "just wants to look at it to get some ideas". Frequently, that friend ends up panicking and simply copies your work, thus betraying you and putting you through the hassle of an academic discipline hearing.

You must abide by this policy in addition to the policies expressed in the UCLA Student Conduct Code. In accordance with University procedures, we will submit cases of suspected violations of this policy to the Dean.