Bo-Jhang Ho is now a Ph.D student in UCLA, his major is Computer Science, and he is supervised by Prof. Mani Srivastava. Bo-Jhang is in Networked & Embedded Systems Lab, and his research interests include ubiquitous computing, wireless sensor networks, and mobile computing. He completed his B.S. degree from National Taiwan University in 2011 and got his M.S. degree in 2012. He joined UbiComp Lab in 2010, and was supervised by Prof. Hao-Hua Chu.

He enjoys rapidly developing software or systems with real-world concerns. His major master project is "HeatProbe", which uses a thermal camera to capture appliance heat signals and disaggregates energy consumption to the per-appliance level. This work was accepted by UbiComp'11 as a regular paper, which he was the oral-presenter. The other project, "ThermalProbe" is built on top of "HeatProbe". It disaggregates energy consumption to the per-user level. These two energy-related projects form the topic of his master disseratation. He also participated in many other projects spanning consumer behavior, health and energy issues. Please see project for more info.

As a Gold Medalist in the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) 2007, he is a skilled programmer and enjoys solving logical puzzles under time limits. He also competed in the ACM-ICPC contests 7 times, and received admission to the World Finals in 2010. In the Google CodeJam contest, he qualified in Round 3 for 3 years, and the best rank is 175 (in the world).