October 31, 2002

Todd talks to Ellen Ruppel Shell, science journalist, about obesity, fat and sugar. They discuss the obesity crisis that American's face, and the diseases that are linked to it. She explains the history and politics that she sees behind the spread of obesity in the United States. Shell is the author of "The Hungry Gene".

Todd talks to Lisa Carlson from the Funeral Consumers Alliance. They discuss the options available for environmentally friendly funerals. Carlson explains the three ways that one can rest in green peace.

Todd talks to Patricia Brooks about graveyards. They discuss the legacy of famous people and historical figures, as well as other interesting people whose final resting places have become a celebration of their lives. Brooks is the author of "Where The Bodies Are, Final Visits to the Rich, Famous and Interesting"

Todd talks to Petros Faloutsos at the University of California, Los Angeles. Faloutsos tells Todd about the virtual stunt artists that he and his team have been developing. He explains the ability to perform a vast array of acrobatic stunts, without anyone risking their lives.