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AP photo

One computer-generated image of a skeleton leaping onto another is the creation of Petros Faloustos. The prototype has been created in an effort to show human stunt artists the physics of their stunt.
Virtual stunt artists get a dose of reality
The gangly skeleton pauses at the top of the staircase and then, fearlessly, dives headfirst, crumpling in an apparently bone-jarring fall. Petros Faloutsos chuckles as he replays the clip on his laptop computer. Again and again, the UCLA scientist commands the virtual character to dive. The animation is primitive, the technology complex.

Virtual e-mail shredders give senders unprecedented control
In the off-line world, it can be quite a challenge to retrieve and destroy confidential documents from a business deal gone sour or a top-secret project that involved outside help. The options boil down to either trusting your former business partner -- or resorting to illegal breaking and entering. But e-mail is changing those rules.

 Graphic: Shredding your e-mail

Congressmen don't quite understand Web's power
Good Congressional Web sites can do a lot of positive things for politicians and their constituents. Using the Web appropriately can enhance service to the public, provide a continuous unfiltered link between elected officials and the people they represent and help build coalitions and grassroots support, to name only some benefits of being online.

The little print brings big problems
Read the fine print, and you'll discover you can't use Microsoft's logos and cartoons to belittle the software giant. Nor should you use Opera's Web browser to pilot an aircraft or a nuclear facility.

Best of Everything: A hilarious snapshot of another way of buying
There is one activity we don't see too much of in our country: negotiating the price when we make a purchase. Rarely, if ever, will a shopper in a mall store or food market haggle over an item's price. Most of us just pay what's on the tag.

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