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Diversity and Community Building

Across the nation, female representation is low in the field of computer science. Diversity is vital for creativity and is a catalyst for moving the field of computing forward. It is essential that we change the current perceptions held by young students and improve participation of underrepresented groups at multiple levels.


When I moved from UT Austin to UCLA, I helped female students to form a local chapter of ACM-W, which was officially chartered in December 2014. I organize a bi-monthly informal meeting time with female students to support and advocate for the full engagement of women in all aspects of the computing. I also helped to organize the funding and logistics for UCLA CS students to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing.

Nurturing Next Generation Leaders

I am particularly interested in identifying and developing the next generation of underrepresented minority and female leaders through a combination of  academic excellence and fostering a high support environment.

My first two PhD students Baishakhi Ray and Na Meng are both women, and they are now professors at University of Virginia and Virginia Tech respectively. My former post-doc Myoungkyu Song is a professor at University of Nebraska, Omaha. 

ACM-W Distinguished Speaker Series 

Together with ACM-W and CS Diversity Committee, we are creating a new ACM-W Distinguished Speaker Series at UCLA. The goal of this program is to inspire women and under-represented group students by providing an opportunity to network with prominent leaders in academia, industry, and other leadership positions. If you would like to nominate speakers, please email me.

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