About ICON Lab:

We work in the area of wireless networks and mobile systems, with applications to the Internet of Things (IoT). Our research focuses on the design and implementation of software-hardware systems that deliver ubiquitous sensing, computing, and communications at scale. We borrow techniques from diverse areas including computer networks, machine learning, signal processing, hardware design, and HCI. We believe software-hardware systems will constitute the core of future computing and networking technologies.

Prospective Members:

We are always looking for Postdoctoral researcher and Graduate students with CS, ECE or related backgrounds to join our team. If you are interested in working with us, please send me an email. To join as a PhD student, you also need to apply to our graduate program and mention my name in your application.

Current Members:

Omid Abari
Assistant Professor

Mohammad Mazaheri

Antony Raj
Graduate Student

Alex Chen
Graduate Student

Past Members:

Farzan Dehbashi
Researcher at NRC/UWaterloo

Soroush Ameli
Software Engineer at eSentire

Ju Wang
Research Scientist at Samsung AI

Ali Abedi
Faculty at University of Waterloo