Graduated Ph.D. Students and Postdocs

The most fun part of my job is getting to work with and learn from so many excellent students.

    Alan Tang (co-advised with George Varghese), Ph.D. 2023, Microsoft
      Exploiting Modularity to Scale Verification of Network Router Configurations

    Aishwarya Sivaraman, Ph.D. 2022, Research Scientist at Meta
      Ensuring Correctness of Modern Software Systems by Example

    Siva Kesava Reddy Kakarla (co-advised with George Varghese), Ph.D. 2022, Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research
      Formal Methods for a Robust Domain Name System
      2023 ACM SIGCOMM Doctoral Dissertation Award Honorable Mention
      2023 Applied Networking Research Prize

    Steven Holtzen (co-advised with Guy Van den Broeck), Ph.D. 2021, Assistant Professor at Northeastern University
      Exploiting Program Structure for Scaling Probabilistic Programming

    Lun Liu (co-advised with Madan Musuvathi), Ph.D. 2020, Research Scientist at Facebook
      Safe and Efficient Concurrency for Modern Programming Languages

    Saswat Padhi, Ph.D. 2020
      first employment: Applied Scientist in Amazon's Automated Reasoning Group, current employment: Senior Software Engineer at Google
      Data-Driven Learning of Invariants and Specifications

    Sai Deep Tetali (co-advised with Rupak Majumdar), Ph.D. 2015, first employment: Google, current employment: Facebook
      Program Analyses for Cloud Computations

    Hesam Samimi, Ph.D. 2013, first employment: SAP Labs, current employment: BSD Academy
      From Validation to Automated Repair & Beyond with Constraint Solving

    Jeff Vaughan, Postdoc 2010-12, Google

    Dan Marino (co-advised with Madan Musuvathi), Ph.D. 2011, Symantec Research Labs
      Simplified Semantics and Debugging of Concurrent Programs via Targeted Race Detection
      Recipient of the 2012 ACM SIGPLAN Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award

    Nupur Kothari (primary advisor: Ramesh Govindan), USC Ph.D. 2010, Microsoft
      Language Abstractions and Program Analysis Techniques to build Reliable, Efficient, and Robust Networked Systems

    Brian Chin, Ph.D. 2009, Google
      Language Features and Patterns for Developing Interactive Software

    Shane Markstrum, Ph.D. 2009, first employment: Assistant Professor at Bucknell University, current employment: Google
      Enforcing and Validating User-Defined Programming Disciplines

    Alex Warth (co-advised with Alan Kay), Ph.D. 2009
      first employment: Viewpoints Research Institute, current employment: Principal Investigator at Ink & Switch
      Experimenting with Programming Languages