Yizhou Sun


My principal research interest is in large-scale information and social networks, and more generally in data mining, database systems, statistics, machine learning, information retrieval, and network science, with a focus on modeling novel problems and proposing scalable algorithms for large-scale, real-world applications, including but not limited to: social computing, social media, business intelligence, medical and health informatics, and cyber-physical systems.

In particular, I have extended conventional studies of homogeneous networks to modeling typed nodes and links in semi-structured heterogeneous information networks and proposed new models and algorithms that capture the rich semantics of multi-typed objects and links in such networks and solve real-world problems. My research has been focused on new methodologies of mining such networks and exploring the power of typed objects and links.

My recent research focuses on mining heterogeneous information networks with social factors, i.e., networks with human involved. We are exploring data from different domains, such as online social networks, online discussion boards, digital government, and game data.

Selected Projects

  • Meta Path-based Similarity Search and Clustering in Heterogeneous Information Networks
  • Using Information Networks to Enhance the Quality of Text/Attribute-Based Clustering