Information Literacy: Search Strategies, Tools & Resources for High School Students and College Freshmen
by Zorana Ercegovac

Linworth Publishing


Prepare your students with the information skills they need to succeed!

  • This book takes a student-centered perspective.
  • Draws on learning theories, research on information-seeking for young people, and AASL's position on information literacy.
  • Offers a tested program, not just guidance in developing one.
  • Curriculum-integrated, project-based, and class-tested, this flexible resource helps assure your high school students are competent learners and researchers! The approach considers five types of learning: content understanding, problem-solving, metacognition, collaboration, and communication.
  • The "you" in the book refers to students learning information literacy in the context of content area studies. Annotated bibliography and some other sections are directed to library media specialists (LMS) and teachers. Students will learn to plan their research, organize for searching, find a variety of resources, think critically about resources, and give credit to the works referenced.
  • Comprehensive chapters are interrelated yet independent and adaptable to your use. In addition to comprehensive conceptual guidance, there are four "Think Guides" for supporting student information skills: topic narrowing examples, search strategy techniques, finding search words, and evaluation of Web sources.
  • This book can also be used as an introductory text for bibliographic instruction courses and to orient first year library students to the basics of information access, organization, and basic resources. 


ISBN 158683332-4 186 pages, 2008 Linworth Publishing.