CS 30 Fall 2024 Enrollment Information

For now, CS 30 is restricted to students whose major is CS, CS&Engr, Comp Engr, EE, Undeclared Engr, Ling&CS, Pre CS B, C&S Biol, Pre Math/Com, Math/Com, Pre Cog Sci, or Cog Sci. In mid-September, it will be opened up to all majors.

Should I take CS 30 or CS 31 in Fall?

You should enroll in CS 31 in Fall only if you have written the following in any programming language:

Otherwise, you should enroll in CS 30 in Fall and plan to take CS 31 in Winter. (This will not put you behind in your degree schedule and will give you the strongest preparation for the rest of the CS introductory sequence.)

Fall CS 31 assumes you have the prior experience indicated above. If you do not have this prior experience, you are likely to find Fall CS 31 rough going. Since we have taught thousands of students and you haven't, you should trust our judgment.

Unlike the Fall offering, in Winter, Spring, and Summer, CS 31 assumes no prior programming experience.