Media Coverage of the Virtual Stuntman Project

The Associated Press interviewed Petros Faloutsos at UCLA on January 24, 2002. On 02/21/02 the AP released a story entitled "Virtual stunt artists audition for the part" authored by Andrew Bridges. The story was featured in various forms by news sources internationally, including the following:

The CNN story spawned some interesting Slashdot discussion, some of it hilarious.

Earlier, on January 17, 2002, a New Scientist story entitled "Virtual stunt artists take first tumbles", authored by science reporter Duncan Graham-Rowe, was featured in various forms by

A Computer Graphics World article entitled "Walk this way", authored by Diana Phillips Mahoney, was published on 07/01/01. It was also featured on 08/04/01 on ZDNet.

Petros Faloutsos was interviewed on the following TV programs:

He was interviewed on the following radio programs: and he was also interviewed by

Demetri Terzopoulos