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BAEF Fellows Fabien Scalzo, Ph.D.

My passion for research started in 2001 when I discovered Computer Vision as an undergrad for Prof. Sebastien Roy (University of Montreal). I later pursued with Prof. Justus Piater and obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Liège (Belgium). In 2007, I was awarded a B.A.E.F. fellowship that supported my work with Prof. George Bebis at UNR. In 2008, I joined UCLA as a post-doctoral fellow under the mentoring of Prof. Xiao Hu and Dr David Liebeskind that I completed in 2010. The same year, I was awarded the NSF China young scholar award. I joined the faculty at UCLA on July 2015.
BAEF Fellows Irma Ravkic, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Researcher.
BAEF Fellows Yannan Yu, MD

Post-doctoral Researcher.
BAEF Fellows Alice Tang

Undergraduate student in Bioengineering.
BAEF Fellows Ryan M. Mercer

BAEF Fellows Daniel Wefers

Undergraduate student in Mechanical Engineering.
BAEF Fellows Lumi Huang

Master student in CS.
BAEF Fellows Christopher Chan