There are three ways to take CS 190 in connection with independent study courses, CS 199. The basic path is complete CS 190 and then move on to 199 in a following quarter. Whether or not that is being done, this is what one does to enroll in CS 199.

First, get the form from the sixth floor Boelter Hall Dean's office. Find a faculty member willing to supervise your work, complete the form with that person's cooperation, and file a signed copy. Your end of term grade will depend on the work done and project report submitted to that faculty member.

If you have already taken CS 190, plan on taking a 199 for credit, and want to participate in a subsequent CS 190 course, please note the following. While a course can be taken again or with instructor's approval, audited, the way the CS 190 is managed makes the only reasonable form of involvement be enrollment and completion of all requirements. If this option suits your needs please read Reenrollment.

Another course involving Web Publishing can be taken concurrently with 190, independent of 190 enrollment, or along with reenrollment in 190. A CS 199 independent study course should be added to your study list if you wish to follow the lectures, exercises, lab sessions and other activity there.

People in that course (and 199s to obtain credits) will be doing significant amounts of work beyond the usual 190 tasks. If they are enrolled in 190 they will have no advantage over students not choosing to study Web Publishing.

- Allen Klinger, 3/27/99 17:30