(2-12-99 Version)

Computer Science Design Project Final Report

The last class meeting of the tenth week a joint final project report is due. This is a professional written item composed and reworked by all the participants in the group project. It can cover many different objectives: choice of the approach to take is completely up to the project team members. Some possibilities are: design description; documenting work done so it can be continued; system description; market research for a product; analysis to enable further efforts.

While some parts of the work can have been designed in greater detail, the report should have an overall unity. It should be something you can deliver to a potential sponsor. There should be an abstract or executive summary - an overview paragraph or page. That and an introduction should be free of technical terms (jargon) and clear to an ordinary person.

The course grade is more than half derived from the team written project report grade. Hence the system used to rate the report is worth review. It is available at Evaluate. Other items that contribute to the overall grade include an eleventh week team demonstration or oral presentation.