Partial List of Computer Investigations by Allen Klinger, Ph.D. 1996 - 2006; References

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Attorney:Wade J. Chernick Law Firm: Law Office of Wade J. Chernick

Retained many times in 2004-6 for written and personal testimony concerning evaluation of individuals' technical training and the demands of their proposed work.

Attorney:Eric L. Davis Law Firm: Crosby, Heafey, Roach & May

Retained June 2001 for work regarding patent infringement. Case concluded October 2001.

Attorney:James L. Gale Law Firm: Smith Helms Mullis & Moore, LLP

Retained 28 August 2000 for work regarding patent infringement. Testified at deposition. Case concluded September 2001.

Attorney: Julie S. Turner Law Firm: Day Casebeer Madrid & Batchelder LLP

Retained 8 May 2000 for work regarding patent infringement.

Attorney: Marilyn Martin Culver, Esq. and Edmond Connor, Esq. Law Firm: Connor, Culver, Blake & Griffin LLP

Work on software misrepresentation begun in 1999 including testimony in court.

Attorney: Steve Smyrski, Esq. and Paul Edgell, Esq. Law Firm: Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro, now Pillsbury Winthrop LLP

Work on patent infringement begun in 1998 that led to the successful conclusion of an agreement between Qualcomm and Motorola. Testified in a two-day deposition.

Attorney: Nathan McCutcheon, Esq. Law Firm: Morgan, Lewis & Bockius

Patent infringement review regarding image transmission. Testified in a deposition.

Attorney: David Jacopin, Esq. Law Firm: Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro

Reviewed patents concerning hardware and processes central to operation of digital computers, such as paging, block-based prediction, sign extension, and master-slave cache relationships. Evaluated teachings and claims for commercial value.

Attorney: Joseph D. Schleimer, Esq.

Determined the technical means for malicious interference with computer records of billings and receipts for a medical practice. Assessed the potential loss to the defrauded individual in a situation involving sale of part-ownership of the practice for cash and part of its future income, where past revenue from disability payments had been stable. Diagnosed vulnerability of the computer operating system to insider manipulation of records in the data base, reducing the aggregated value of receipts to a level markedly below the prior history. Established ways to reapportion services listed in computerized billings between members of the practice to effectively eliminate payments to one individual. Reviewed physical computer tapes with computer consultants located in other cities, including Portland Oregon, and Seattle Washington: traveled to one such home office; arranged and was part of conference telephone calls to further this effort. Participated in decisions to utilize commercial computer firms to review backup tape materials to establish the historic level of the receipts by the practice. Coordinated data from computer review with facts found by forensic accounting firm. Established team of experts in computer database-management/operating-systems. Debriefed computer data-entry clerks and translated their operational decisions and those of others employed by the medical practice, into a sequence conforming with the loss of income. Prepared thorough technical report documenting the above. Applied database/operating-system expertise; evaluated relevant computer, financial and legal facts. Conducted intensive briefings and discussions with the attorney and his client.

Attorney: Jay R. Henneberry, Esq. Law Firm: Chadbourne & Parke LLP

Reviewed documentation and critical reports concerning a commercial software product. Investigated operation of that product on IBM PC using varied set of test procedures. Collected data to support or refute claims regarding operation of the product and its general efficacy. Brought material to attention of attorney: descriptions of this and similar products in a national magazine; consumer recommendations. Presented results of the technical investigation to attorney and associate. Interacted with technical staff of product designers by computer messaging. Proposed further directions of investigation and described their likely costs to the attorneys and their client.

Attorney: Corrine M. Freeman, Esq. Law Firm: Lyon & Lyon

Reviewed patents and documents concerning a range of commercial systems involving automatic vending. Participated in depositions regarding computer systems as an expert witness with special knowledge of the field. Presented attorneys with information about the state of the art in the area of human-computer-interaction over the prior fifteen years. Brought knowledge of computer systems, patents, and user interaction into the discussions with the attorneys.

Retained By: Joan Feldman Firm: Computer Forensics, Inc.

Investigated claim of good-faith attempt to read information from computer tapes.

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