<H2><B>Medical Information</B></H2>
9/23/99 Version

Medical Information


One need is for authoritative and easy-to-access medical material from things that are already available on the web. Mayo Clinic, U.S. Government Organizations, Office of Public Health and Science, UCLA Medical Center all have valuable web-posted files on various aspects of health. There, and in other areas, computer innovations can make a real difference in terms of usability.

Health Browser

A project begins with implementing a computer program. It includes creating an innovation in the user interface, means for easier broad-based information acquisition. Comparison to the new commercial site Dr. Koop is one possibility.

Sensing Systems

Biological entities flourish when they are able to sense and avoid their enemies. Changes in the world ecology due to population increase and facts about species mentioned in a draft abstract, combine to suggest a project domain.

Personal History

Many individuals have annual health examinations (medical checkups). This project would develop a way to coordinate test results (cholesterol level, eye correction, etc.) to obtain more use for medical doctors from the existing procedures.