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EMNLP 16 Workshop on Structured Prediction for NLP

Kai-Wei Chang, Ming-Wei Chang, Vivek Srikumar, and Alexander M. Rush, in EMNLP, 2016.

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Many prediction tasks in NLP involve assigning values to mutually dependent variables. For example, when designing a model to automatically perform linguistic analysis of a sentence or a document (e.g., parsing, semantic role labeling, or discourse analysis), it is crucial to model the correlations between labels. Many other NLP tasks, such as machine translation, textual entailment, and information extraction, can be also modeled as structured prediction problems. In order to tackle such problems, various structured prediction approaches have been proposed, and their effectiveness has been demonstrated. Studying structured prediction is interesting from both NLP and machine learning (ML) perspectives. From the NLP perspective, syntax and semantics of natural language are clearly structured and advances in this area will enable researchers to understand the linguistic structure of data. From the ML perspective, the large amount of available text data and complex linguistic structures bring challenges to the learning community. Designing expressive yet tractable models and studying efficient learning and inference algorithms become important issues. Recently, there has been significant interest in non-standard structured prediction approaches that take advantage of non-linearity, latent components, and/or approximate inference in both the NLP and ML communities. Researchers have also been discussing the intersection between deep learning and structured prediction through the DeepStructure reading group. This workshop intends to bring together NLP and ML researchers working on diverse aspects of structured prediction and expose the participants to recent progress in this area. Workshop Site

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