Lixia Zhang

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May 2023

We submitted the following paper to IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials: Revealing the Architectural Design Patterns in the Volumetric DDoS Defense Design Space.
From the abstract: Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have plagued the Internet for decades. Despite the ever-increasing investments into mitigation solution developments, DDoS attacks are growing with ever-increasing frequency and magnitude. To identify the root cause of the above-observed trend, in this paper, we perform a systematic analysis of volumetric DDoS detection and mitigation efforts over the last four decades.... Our analysis illustrates common design patterns across seemingly disparate solutions, and reveals insights into which aspects of DDoS solutions correlate with deployment traction and success... Finally, we discuss the lessons learned, which we hope can shed light on future directions that can potentially allow us to turn the tide on the war against DDoS.

Two NDN related papers were presented at IEEE ICC 2023 in May 2023: Secure NDN Packet Encapsulation, and CLedger: A Secure Distributed Certificate Ledger via Named Data.

March 2023

NIST hosted the NDN Community Meeting (NDNComm) March 2-3, 2023. One can find the complete meeting recordings from the above page. Thanks NIST!