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Concurrent Statistical Zero-Knowledge Arguments for NP from One Way Functions.

Vipul Goyal, Ryan Moriarty, Rafail Ostrovsky, Amit Sahai:


In this paper we show a general transformation from any honest verifer statistical zero-knowledge argument to a concurrent statistical zero-knowledge argument. Our transformation relies only on the existence of one-way functions. It is known that the existence of zero-knowledge systems for any non-trivial language implies one way functions. Hence our transformation unconditionally shows that concurrent statistical zero-knowledge arguments for a non-trivial language exist if and only if standalone secure statistical zero-knowledge arguments for that language exist. Further, applying our transformation to the recent statistical zero-knowledge argument system of Nguyen et al (STOC'06) yields the first concurrent statistical zero- knowledge argument system for all languages in NP from any one way function.

comment: ASIACRYPT 2007: 444-459

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