Wesley W. Chu

Distinguished Professor (Emeritus)

Department of Computer Sciencet
University of California, Los Angeles

Email: wwc@cs.ucla.edu

PhD Students

Student NameDissertation TitleGraduation Date
39. Jianming HeA Social Network-Based Recommendation SystemMar-10
38. Yu Laura ChenProtection of Database Security Via Collaborative Inference DetectionJun-07
37. Shaorong LiuCooperative Xml (Coxml) Query AnsweringJun-06
36. Qinghua ZouIntelligent Information Directory System For Clinical Free TextsJun-05
35. Zhenyu Victor LiuA Knowledge-based Approach to Scenario-speciic Medical Free-text RetrievalJun-05
34. Meng Feng TsaiDistributive And Algebraic Aggregation Computation in Multidimensional Database SystemsJan-04
33. Wenlei MaoPhased-based Vector Space Model in Document RetrievalJun-03
32. Dongwon LeeQuery Relaxation For Xml ModelJun-02
31. Giovanni GiuffridaData Mining of Large Relational DatabasesMar-02
30. Sanghyun ParkIndexing Techniques For Similarity Searches in Sequence DatabasesDec-00
29. David JohnsonMethods For Domain-specific Information RetrievalJun-00
28. Frank MengFormation of Queries From Natural Language Using A Semantic Model And Statistical ApproachesSep-99
27. Jeffrey A. GoldmanA Digital Filter Model For Data Minning of Text DocumentsDec-98
26. Gougen ZhangInteractive Query Formulation Techniques For DatabasesDec-98
25. Chih-cheng HsuKnowledge-based Multimedia Data Retrieval By Features And Content Via Temporal And Spatial ConstructsMar-98
24. Michael Minock Explanation For Cooperative Information SystemsJun-97
23. Brad PerryDynamically Discovering Similar Resources in Large Scale Information NetworkJun-97
22. Kuorong ChiangAutomatic Generation of Type Abstraction Hierarchies For Cooperative Query AnsweringMar-95
21. Michael T. RowleyDetectors: Encapsulating Constraint Maintenance in Object-oriented DatabasesJun-94
20. Ion Tim IeongData Modeling And Query Processing For Image ManagementDec-93
19. Matthew MerzbacherNearness And Cooperative Query AnsweringJun-93
18. Patrick H NgaiConstraint Propagation As A Problem Solving Power Booster For Constraint Satisfaction ProblemsDec-91
17. Andy Y Hwang Fault Tolerant Distributed Database System Via Data InferenceDec-90
16. Rei-chi LeeQuery Processing With Domain SemanticsDec-90
15. Eric SitEstimation of Response Time in Real-time Distributed SystemsJun-90
14. Kin Kwong Leung Task Response Time And Module Assignment For Real-time Distributed Processing SystemsDec-85
13. Lance Min-tsung LanCharacterization of Intermodule Communications And Heuristic Task Allocation For Distributed Real Time SystemsMar-85
12. John Richard BuschIntegrated Resource Management Algorithms for Computer SystemsJun-84
11. Joseph HellersteinUpdating Replicated Files in Real Time Diatributed Processing SystemsJun-84
10. Martin V ChaoA Study of The C-poda Protocol For Computer Communication Via A Multiple Access Satellite ChannelJun-83
9. Leslie HollowayA Heuristic Algorithm For Real-time Application Allocation to MultimicrocomputerJun-82
8. Paul J HurleyQuery Optimization in Distributed Database SystemsJun-82
7. Medy SanadidiAnalysis of Boardcasting Communication Systems With Acknowledgement ConsiderationsDec-81
6. David HibbitsPerformance of Computers With Multiaccess MemoryDec-80
5. Michael Y.C. ShenA Hierarchical Routing And Flow Control Policy (Hrpc) For Packet Switched NetworksJun-78
4. Charlie NeatA New Computer Cryptography: The Expanded Character Set (Ecs) CipherDec-75
3. Phillips B KorfA Multiaccess MemoryDec-75
2. S.K. ChaoA Cost-priority Scheduling SystemJun-74
1. Holger OpderbeckMeasurement And Modeling of Program Behavior And Its ApplicationDec-73