UCLA Computer Science 35L, Fall 2018.
Software Construction Laboratory

Laboratory, 4 hours; outside study, 2 hours.

Instructor in charge: Paul Eggert, Engineering VI 363. Office hours are Mondays 14:15–15:15 and Thursdays 16:00–17:00.

Teaching assistants, with office hours published on CCLE:

  1. Zhiyi Zhang <zhiyi@cs.ucla.edu>
  2. Mevlut Turker Garip <mtgarip@cs.ucla.edu>
  3. Guangyu Zhou <guangyuzhou@g.ucla.edu>
  4. Jeremy Rotman <jrotman@cs.ucla.edu>
  5. Shrey Agarwal <shrey1995@cs.ucla.edu>
  6. Hsiao-yun Tseng <tsenghy@cs.ucla.edu>
  7. Aditi Mithal <aditimithal@g.ucla.edu>
  8. Rahul Dhavalikar <rahul.dhavalikar@cs.ucla.edu>

Prerequisite: Computer Science 31.

Fundamentals of commonly-used software tools and environments, particularly open-source tools likely to be used in upper-division computer science courses.

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